Laura Sparling Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Laura Sparling for being selected as this month’s most outstanding employee. Laura is a hard-working and highly competent representative who truly knows the industry inside and out. She began her career in the Pest Control Industry in 1989 working for Nozzle Nolan in Florida, and then moved to New York in 1991 to work as an administrative assistant and office manager at Fumex.  When Fumex closed, she was employed by Magic Exterminating for 5 years. In February 2009, she joined the Arrow team as a member of our office staff. In addition to her office experience, she is also a State Certified Technician with certifications in 6 categories. Earning these certifications involves spending time in the field observing first-hand how the work is carried out as well as the characteristic behavior and management of a variety of pests. She applies this well rounded perspective and profound knowledge of the industry to assist customers over the phone, and is being rewarded for this dedication with her very own parking spot. Keep up the great work!


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